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We do not have X-ray vision and aspiration pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in long term care
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Critical Pathways:

When is a FEES exam warranted? An exam is appropriate in order to problem-solve, as well as to arrive at a plan of treatment. The problem cannot be addressed if we don’t know exactly what the problem is. A FEES is warranted if a patient has the following:

  1. complaints of food getting “stuck” in the throat or in the upper chest
  2. a wet vocal quality and/or clearing of the throat and/or coughing with oral intake
  3. a history of aspiration pneumonia
  4. History of reflux, CVA, COPD, CHF, Heart Disaease, Respiratory failure, head/neck cancer, brain tumor, Diabetes, Dementia, Parkinsons, and many other neurological illnesses with the aforementioned complaints
  5. Suspected overall weakness with complaints of swallowing problems.
  6. Significant weight loss